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C Support

Ignatius: Hm...

(Ignatius leaves)

Nina: Ehehehehe. Yeah! Now kiss! Oooh! Now he's blushing!

Ignatius: Nina? Did you need something?

Nina: GAH! He spotted me!

Ignatius: Nina?

Nina: H-he's talking to me... Oh no. Think, Nina! What do I do? Oh man, oh man, oh man... I'm no good with guys! There's got to be somewhere to hide around here!

Ignatius: You're mumbling to yourself. Can you hear me? Are you OK?

Nina: Y-yes, I can hear you! Did you need something?

Ignatius: That's my line. ...Were you, ah, stalking me? To tell you the truth, I'd be relieved. I thought it was a spirit or an enemy.

Nina: Huh? Stalking you? Hahahahahahaha! You're so funny! And such imagination!

Ignatius: Oh...so...it wasn't you? OK... Well, either way, please don't follow me, OK? I'm going to my tent now...

Nina: Psh! You couldn't pay me enough to follow you!

Ignatius: OK. Later.

(Ignatius leaves)

Nina: Aww... He left. I hope I didn't make him mad. I didn't mean to be rude. *sigh* Talk about a total failure... Man...I just wanted to watch Ignatius talk to another guy. Was that so much to ask?

B Support

Nina: Ah. This is the life! Loafing around town, examining the goods... (Ooh, those two boys over there are especially cute!) Time just flies right by! Heehee.

Ignatius: Nina... Why are you hiding behind this building?

Nina: Bah. You again? I'm not hiding! And even if I was, what's it to you?

Ignatius: Uh-huh. You were watching those two guys over there, weren't you?

Nina: Yes, fine, I was! Now will you leave me alone? I'm quite busy, as you can see.

Ignatius: Huh? Hey! Those two... They just pocketed that woman's wallet!

Nina: Oh! You're right! What jerks. They just HAD to go and spoil my fantasies...

Ignatius: Fantasies?

Nina: Huh? Fantasies? I didn't say anything about fantasies. You should get your hearing checked, big guy.

Ignatius: ...As you say. And I apologize for hassling you about your watching those guys. I should have realized you were doing it in order to expose their thievery.

Nina: S-sure. Something like that. I'm surprised you figured that out. Very perceptive! Now, I need to get moving if I'm going to catch them. I can't allow such ignoble thieves to get away!

Ignatius: Very good. I will join you.

Nina: Huh?

Ignatius: You'll be outnumbered if you go alone. And they don't look like pushovers. Even I'm sort of scared of the big one... I can't just let you take them on alone.

Nina: Huh? You're worried about me?

Ignatius: Of course I am. You're my friend, aren't you?

Nina: Huh. I think I had the wrong idea about you. Maybe you're not as scary and grumpy as you look.

Ignatius: Um...thanks? Can we talk about this later, though? If they turn that corner, we're going to lose them.

Nina: Oh! Right! Let's go!

A Support

Nina: Hey, Ignatius.

Ignatius: Mm? What do you need, Nina?

Nina: Remember those two thieves we caught the other day? Well, I wanted to say th...um...th...at I would have been fine on my own. I mean, you don't really have any experience stealing or sneaking. I wouldn't have needed protecting if you hadn't alarmed them.

Ignatius: ...Heh. Hahaha.

Nina: What's so funny?

Ignatius: I think I understand you better now. I was wondering why you were always so rude to me. But it's starting to make sense. You're just really, really bad at talking to people, aren't you?

Nina: Er, ah, well, maaaybe with SOME people... Like...men people, mostly.

Ignatius: So, what you actually wanted to say to me today was "thank you," right? It was on the tip of your tongue, right up until you started blushing. Haha.

Nina: Th-that's crazy! Why would I do that? If I wanted to thank you, I could do it! I-I could totally say it. Th-th-th-th-thank you! See? S-satisfied?

Ignatius: Ahahaha. Sure. I'm satisfied.

Nina: *sigh* Whatever. Think what you want! I guess it's not so bad. I've got you figured out too, after all.

Ignatius: Oh?

Nina: You're a loner, you've no idea how to talk to others, and you're sort of a scaredy-cat. Buuuuuuut...you're also kind and reliable. And you watch out for your friends.

Ignatius: I don't know what you're talking about.

Nina: Oh, don't give me your cool-guy act. I know what I know.

Ignatius: Hmph. Well...maybe you're right. Maybe.

Nina: Huh? Are you blushing? Heheheh. I guess you CAN be cute when you want to be. I like you. You're not daydream material, but I guess I could stand being your friend. At least, I could if you try to look cute a little more often.

Ignatius: Heh. You are one strange girl, Nina.

S Support

Ignatius: Nina...

Nina: Ignatius? What's wrong?

Ignatius: Do you still think of me as a dependable friend?

Nina: What a weird question. Of course I do!

Ignatius: I see. And...do you think of me as anything else?

Nina: I mean, I guess. Sure. You're a comrade, a knight, a nice guy, a scaredy-cat, a— Er, Ignatius? Why the grimace?

Ignatius: I don't want to be friends with you, Nina.

Nina: What? Why?! Did I do something to offend you again? I'm sorry. I know I was rude to you before, but I thought I'd gotten better. Please, if there's anything I can do to make things right again, just tell me.

Ignatius: No, you don't understand. What I mean is that I...I want to be more than friends.

Nina: Say whaaaaaaa?

Ignatius: I don't want us to just be friends. I want us to be together. As partners.

Nina: You mean, like, together-together? Like, partner-partners?

Ignatius: Yes. Partner-partners. I never would have guessed I'd feel this way when we met. But as we grew to know one another, behind the masks...I fell for you. You're the most adorable girl I've ever met. So, what do you say? Do I have a chance?

Nina: H-hey! Cut it out with the puppy-dog eyes! You know I can't handle those! I'll...I'll...start to daydream... Oooooh. Ehehehehehe.

Ignatius: Nina, please, snap out of it. Do you have an answer for me?

Nina: There's something you need to know about me, first. I like watching guys have fun and talk with each other from the shadows. That's not going to change just because you and I get involved, you know.

Ignatius: Yeah, yeah, I know. I wouldn't change that about you anyways. I think it's cute. So, is that a yes?

Nina: Heehee. Yeah. You'll do. You'll do nicely.

Ignatius: Thank you, Nina. I was terrified you'd turn me down, but you've made me so happy.

Nina: Oh man, you're so adorable when you're bashful! I could just eat you up! Now, could I ask you for a favor? I just want you to stand next to that guy and...