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C Support

Sakura: Hayato, wanna share some of this red bean mochi with me?

Hayato: Red bean mochi? Where'd you get that?

Sakura: It was a gift. Just as I was about to eat it, you walked by, and I thought I'd share...

Hayato: Nah. Sweet stuff's for girls. What makes you think I'd eat something like that?!

Sakura: ...Oh. I'm sorry I offended you.

Hayato: That's OK. It's obviously too much for you. I'm sure you just wanted my help. In that case, I guess I'll have a bite or two. ...Uh, Sakura?

Sakura: Mmmm! Sorry. Were you saying something?

Hayato: I was just saying—if you can't eat it all, then I'll help you. ...But, hey! Where'd it go? You didn't leave any for me?

Sakura: I'm sorry! You said you didn't want any. I ate it.

Hayato: WHAT?! All of it? Already?

Sakura: When I'm around sweets, I can't stop myself! You didn't...actually want some, did you?

Hayato: No! Of course not!

Sakura: Next time, I'll make sure to leave some for you.

Hayato: OK! I mean...if you insist.

B Support

Sakura: Hey, Hayato! I got some more of that red bean mochi! You want some?

Hayato: Oh...that stuff. Sure... I guess.

Sakura: Mmm! Here. Have some!

Hayato: *gulp* *nom nom* Wow! This is good! I mean REALLY good!

Sakura: Uh... Not to pry, Hayato...but maybe you actually LIKE sweet things?

Hayato: Huh?! No, I don't. I mean...not really.

Sakura: It's OK if you don't want people to know. ...But why is that, anyway?

Hayato: Sweets are for kids. I won't have anyone treating me like a child!

Sakura: Huh?

Hayato: My tribe expects me to be dignified. I can't munch on sweet cakes like a little brat!

Sakura: You can't even eat what you want...just to protect your reputation? That's awful!

Hayato: Well, I can't! I've gotta be mature!

Sakura: I have an idea! What if you only eat sweets when you're with me? Everyone will know you're just doing it for my sake... What do you think?

Hayato: Well, if you insist.

Sakura: Great! We'll be pastry pals! It'll be our secret, Hayato!

A Support

Hayato: Sakura, guess what I have here!

Sakura: Um...are those honey dumplings?! Those are my favorite!

Hayato: Well, it's about time I paid you back for all of that mochi you shared with me!

Sakura: I can smell them from over here! Can I eat one now? Please? Pretty please!

Hayato: Of course!

Sakura: *nom nom* Mmm! Syrupy-sweet with the faintest hint of salt! You don't mind if I eat another, do you? Mmm! *nom nom*

Hayato: Why don't you finish off the bag? There's something I wanted to ask you.

Sakura: Mmm-hmm. Yes?

Hayato: You could've offered that red bean mochi to anyone. Why'd you pick me?

Sakura: Well, it's going to sound stupid now, but I thought we were about the same age.

Hayato: Yeah. So?

Sakura: There aren't too many young people in this army, and I thought we'd get along. But it turns out you're a lot more grown-up than I am!

Hayato: I don't know if that's true!

Sakura: But it is! You're always thinking about your responsibilities to the Wind Tribe.

Hayato: And you're always thinking about everyone else's feelings! That's very mature of you!

Sakura: Thanks, Hayato.

Hayato: It was kind of you to come up with a secret plan to share sweets with me. But thanks to you, I don't think we have to keep it a secret anymore.

Sakura: Huh? What do you mean?

Hayato: You helped me realize it's OK to be myself. I like sweets. I don't care if people know!

Sakura: ...Aww, Hayato, that makes me so happy! Our secret plan is finished!

Hayato: Yes, but there's one thing. I still want to be your pastry pal. You don't mind, do you? I know I could eat sweets on my own, but I'd rather eat them with you.

Sakura: That sounds great! I'd like that too!

S Support

Hayato: Sakura, do you have a minute?

Sakura: Sure! Does it have anything to do with honey dumplings? Or red bean mochi? Or sticky buns? Or—I know—doughnuts?! Hurry up! Tell me! Which one?! Come on, Hayato! You're making me hungry!

Hayato: Actually, it has to do with ALL of those things.

Sakura: ALL of them? You can't be serious!

Hayato: Yep! Dumplings and mochi and sticky buns and doughnuts!

Sakura: *gasp* Really?! Where are you hiding all of those desserts?

Hayato: Well, I wanted to invite you on a little trip to a famous bakery. Whaddya say? They have all of those sweets, plus some other stuff you didn't even mention yet!

Sakura: Th-that sounds amazing! You'd really take ME?

Hayato: Yes, Sakura! We're pastry pals! Anyway, this is what they call...a date.

Sakura: Whaaaat?! A date?

Hayato: This isn't just two friends hanging out, munching on honey dumplings. I like you.

Sakura: B-but, Hayato, that's crazy!

Hayato: You're right! I am crazy...about YOU.

Sakura: I never thought you'd be interested in me, because you're so much more mature!

Hayato: Sakura, I feel so comfortable around you. We can both be ourselves. We don't have to worry so much about impressing anyone. Besides, I think you're very grown up... when you're not covered in icing! Whaddya say we snack our way through life together, one sticky bun after the next?

Sakura: Hayato, that sounds delicious!