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C Support

Forrest: Oh no! My glove—it's blowing away!

Soleil: I've got it! Here you go, cutie.

Forrest: Thank you! I stopped for tea, but I can't believe how windy it is! ...Uh, Soleil? Why are you staring like that? It's my hair, isn't it? Ugh! I knew it. The wind's ruined me!

Soleil: Your hair's fine! Actually, it's more than fine. I've been meaning to ask you... How DO you get those adorable curls? They're too cute!

Forrest: Oh, well, thank you. It's easy! While my hair is wet, I pin each section into place. Once my hair dries—instant ringlets!

Soleil: No!

Forrest: Yes!

Soleil: Haha, nice try! You use some kind of magic on your hair. That's cool. Heehee!

Forrest: I do not!

Soleil: Don't freak out! I won't tell anyone! I knew it! No one has hair THAT cute. You've got a special stave just for hairdos. Will you show me sometime? Please?!

Forrest: *sigh* Soleil, I told you! I am not using magic!

Soleil: Cool. I'll stop by later. *wink* It will be our little secret!

B Support

Soleil: Oh, look! It's Forrest's bag. Hmm... Let me dig through here...

Forrest: Soleil! What are you doing?!

Soleil: Oh, uh...hi, Forrest! I was just searching for the secret to your super-cute hair. ...And I think I just found it! Aha! It wasn't a stave. It was a potion!

Forrest: That's not a potion. That's a bottle of shampoo! Perhaps you've heard of it?

Soleil: No way! This stuff smells a-mazing—like it's made of roses and pegasus tears!

Forrest: You're right about the roses. It's very expensive, so please—put that back!

Soleil: Huh. It's regular shampoo? You're not washing your hair with magic? Then how do you get it like that?! *gasp* Oh! I just figured it out. Your hair's fake!

Forrest: It is not fake!

Soleil: Can I touch your wig? Please?!

Forrest: You may touch my hair, but I told you—it's NOT a wig!

Soleil: Wow. It's so silky. That's amazing! It feels real...if real hair could feel THAT soft!

Forrest: Thank you, I think. Soleil?! What are you doing?! Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

Soleil: Whoa. Your wig is so firmly attached! How do you do that?

Forrest: They're called roots!

Soleil: What?! This is your real hair?! I could've sworn it was a wig! Oh, Forrest. I'm so sorry. I tugged really hard just now. I bet that hurt!

Forrest: It did! But that's OK, Soleil. I forgive you.

Soleil: You do?

Forrest: Yes. I know you meant it as a compliment.

Soleil: That's true. I did! I've never met anyone with such pretty hair before. I didn't think it was possible. ...Sometimes I wish I could have cute hair too.

Forrest: Are you serious? But you have such thick, gorgeous tresses!

Soleil: Thanks, but I never do anything special to it. I wear this same headband every day.

Forrest: Is that what this is all about? I'd be happy to teach you how to curl your hair.

Soleil: Really?! Awww! I'd love that!

Forrest: Great! It will only take a few hours, so I'll see you tomorrow morning around five.

Soleil: WHAT?! You get up at five just to do your hair?!

Forrest: Yep! Beauty like this takes time! I'll see you bright and early!

A Support

Soleil: *yawn* Thanks again for fixing my hair, Forrest! I still can't believe you get up this early every morning! That's crazy!

Forrest: It's nothing. While my curls set, I mend and press my outfit. All this travel is hard on clothing! If you don't take care of things, they won't last.

Soleil: I never thought about that before.

Forrest: I can tell. ...Now, let's see. I'm almost done with the back. You have a LOT of hair. So many girls would be jealous of your thick, shiny locks! Did you know that?

Soleil: Really?

Forrest: Yes! I'm going to unpin this back section and see how your curls are turning out. ...Oh dear.

Soleil: What's wrong?

Forrest: Nothing.

Soleil: Forrest! You just said, "Oh dear." That doesn't sound like nothing!

Forrest: Well, it's just...um... I didn't expect it to turn out quite so...frizzy.

Soleil: Huh? Let me see that mirror! If you hold the other one like so, I can see the back— ACK! Forrest! What did you do to me?! I look like a...a...

Forrest: You look like a poodle! I'm SO sorry, Soleil. I don't know what happened.

Soleil: Well, I know what happened! You made me get up at dawn to look like this!

Forrest: I apologize. If I find you the right hat, it will be OK. Accessories make the look!

Soleil: It's my fault. I'm the one who dragged you into this. I should've left you and your super-cute hair alone.

Forrest: Don't say that!

Soleil: But I've done nothing but annoy you! And now, look at me! I better go shower.

Forrest: Here. Take this.

Soleil: Forrest, I can't use this! It's your expensive shampoo!

Forrest: I want you to use it. If you can't have curls, at least your hair will smell like roses. Besides, your hair's already lovely. I should've left it alone.

Soleil: Aww... Thanks, Forrest.

Forrest: For what?! I made you look terrible!

Soleil: It was really kind of you to help me, and we had some good bonding time. Now that I think about it...it's sort of funny. Heeheehee!

Forrest: You're right. *snort* Bahaha! Quick! You better run before someone sees you!

Soleil: Haha! Good idea!

Forrest: Wait up! Maybe you should borrow my hat!

S Support

Forrest: Hello, Soleil. I'm sorry again about the hair debacle! You've looked so down ever since! Maybe I can make it up to you. I'd be happy to sew you something. Perhaps you'd like a capelet like mine? Would that cheer you up?

Soleil: That's really sweet of you, Forrest, but I don't think a cape will help. I always say, "Turn that frown upside down," but sometimes that's hard to do.

Forrest: I see. You're disappointed about your hair. I don't know why. It's beautiful straight!

Soleil: Oh, that's not it! I'm bummed because you won't want to hang out with me anymore. My curls and I are hopeless!

Forrest: Why would you say that? There are other things we could do besides hair!

Soleil: Really? I thought someone super-cute like you would have tons of friends already.

Forrest: I have friends, but I've always got room for one more.

Soleil: And what if I don't want to be your friend?

Forrest: Oh! Well, in that case, I'll just be on my way...

Soleil: No! Wait! I didn't mean it like that. What if I want to be MORE than your friend?

Forrest: Huh?

Soleil: You know that I have a thing for super cute girls, right?

Forrest: Right...but you know that I'm...a...

Soleil: A super-cute man dressed like a girl? Yep! I know. Totally adorable!

Forrest: Well, Soleil, I think you're pretty adorable too.

Soleil: Really?

Forrest: Yes! You have so much energy. When you show up, you light up the whole room. I don't even mind all of the hair pulling and the shampoo stealing...

Soleil: Wait a minute! You said I could borrow it!

Forrest: I'm teasing! In fact, I have a gift for you. I got you your very own bottle.

Soleil: What?! For me? You mean, I can smell like roses all the time?

Forrest: Yes! I have a thing for super-cute girls too, you know.

Soleil: Aww... Thanks, Forrest! You really know how to make a girl feel special.

Forrest: Anytime!