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C Support

Effie: *sigh* Night watch is so boring... I wish I had something to eat...

Mozu: Hello, Miss Effie. What are you doing out here so late?

Effie: Mozu? I'm on watch. And what are you doing with all that fruit?

Mozu: Oh, I'm just getting ready to hang it out to dry.

Effie: Why? Won't it spoil?

Mozu: Oh, no, not at all! It's actually a great way to preserve the fruit. After it dries for a few days, I'll take it into town to sell it. People love it!

Effie: Wow, that's a really good idea. Did you come up with it yourself?

Mozu: I guess so... I mean, It's just something I used to do back in the village. It's a good way to make a little money on the side, too. Hee!

Effie: Well, I'm impressed. And, to be honest...a little bit hungry. *GROWL* OK, a lot hungry...

Mozu: Was that your stomach?

Effie: Yeah. Sorry. My watch is almost over, but I haven't eaten in hours...

Mozu: Then why don't you eat one of these?

Effie: Your fruit? But I don't want to cut into your profits.

Mozu: Oh, it's fine. I've got a ton! Please, help yourself.

Effie: Well, if you insist! *nom* *nom* *nom*

Mozu: Uh, just save me a couple...

B Support

Effie: Hello, Mozu. Got another batch of fruit to dry out?

Mozu: Hello, Effie! No, today I'm going to be squeezing the fruit.

Effie: Oh? I'm not a big fan of juice. Too much pulp.

Mozu: Ah, but I've perfected a technique for pulp-free juice! You just need some fine material, like this. Wrap it around the fruit and...squeeze! Voila—no pulp!

Effie: That's brilliant! But...you have a lot of fruit here. How long will this take you?

Mozu: Oh, I don't mind doing it. It's fun to squish a big old fruit in your hands. I suppose my hands do get tired after a little while...it takes some strength.

Effie: Well, maybe I can help. Hyah!

Mozu: Whoa, you made that look easy!

Effie: Heh, thanks. I can help you out with the others if you want. I've been looking for a new way to work out my hands anyway.

Mozu: Yeah? Well, sure! That'd be great.

Effie: You got it. It's the least I can do after you gave me all that fruit the other day.

Mozu: All right, let's get to it. We can also drink some of the juice as we go.

Effie: I was hoping you'd say that. It's important to stay hydrated!

A Support

Mozu: Hey, Effie! I've been meaning to thank you again for all your help the other day.

Effie: With the juice? Oh, it was nothing. If anything, I should be thanking you. My hands have never been stronger.

Mozu: Well, I'm glad to hear it. Because everyone is RAVING about the juice. Seriously, they want more.

Effie: Great! More business for you.

Mozu: Yes. Well, I'm a little bit worried that I won't be able to keep up with demand. Unless the two of us can come up with some kind of arrangement...

Effie: You're talking a muscles-for-fruit arrangement? Sounds great to me!

Mozu: Excellent! With the two of us working together, we'll make a ton of money!

Effie: Money? No, I really just want the fruit.

Mozu: I can't just pay you in fruit, Effie. I'd feel I was taking advantage of you.

Effie: Hmm. How about you just donate my portion to the army or something? As long as I'm getting my share of fruit, I promise I'll be happy.

Mozu: I suppose that works for me. You're sure?

Effie: Oh yes. This is win-win for me. I get all the fruit I can eat, and my hands are gonna be RIPPED. Heehee!

Mozu: Ha! All right, then. Let's get to work. Can you squish an apple with just one hand?

Effie: Mozu, I can crush a tree trunk with one hand. Now, let me at those apples!