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C Support

Selena: I'm done with my patrol, Lady Camilla. Nothing to report.

Camilla: Thank you, Selena. You did make sure to investigate the basements, yes?

Selena: Don't worry about a thing! I checked high and low.

Camilla: Very good, very good. Well done, Selena.

Selena: Just doing my job! Hey, um... I'm your favorite retainer, right?

Camilla: You're very dependable.

Selena: OK, but that's not what I asked. I won't rest until I know I'm the best!

Camilla: Ahahah! You're a strong, cute girl. Isn't that enough?

Selena: You're just dodging the question... But it's clear enough that you care about me. That's all I want!

Camilla: Each and every one of my retainers is precious to me. You are no exception, darling Selena. You are so dear to me that I would slay you myself rather than let you leave my service.

Selena: Lady Camilla...that's not the reassurance I was looking for...

B Support

Selena: Lady Camilla? Why did you decide to take me on as your retainer?

Camilla: I confess, I had my doubts at first. Even though my father introduced us, I was hesitant, as I knew nothing about you.

Selena: Yeah, makes sense...

Camilla: But I have a weakness for lovely girls, so I warmed to the idea quickly enough.

Selena: I don't know how "lovely" I am next to you, though.

Camilla: That was not your only qualification. I saw you fight the academy's finest and win. But above all else, I appreciated your devotion to me.

Selena: I would never dream of questioning you, Lady Camilla.

Camilla: I consider myself blessed to have such a darling, powerful, and obedient retainer. I hope to keep you among my retinue for a long time to come.

Selena: Well, about that. Hypothetically speaking, if I really needed to get back to my homeland someday... Would you be sad to see me go?

Camilla: You know I would. I would cry until I had no tears left to mourn with. But in the unlikely event such a thing would come to pass... I would also consider cutting off your legs so that you could not leave me.

Selena: ...You're joking, right?

Camilla: Ahahaha. Would I ever do something so dreadful to you, my adorable girl?

Selena: Ahahaha... Why are we laughing?

A Support

Selena: I'm back from patrol again, Lady Camilla! All clear as far as the eye can see!

Camilla: ...

Selena: Um...Lady Camilla?

Camilla: Selena. My precious retainer. My strong, lovely warrior...you are mine and mine alone.

Selena: Lady Camilla, you're kind of creeping me out here.

Camilla: Hmph. I was in a melancholy mood. I've been dwelling on how you came to me like a bolt from the blue. And how you might disappear just as suddenly...

Selena: Oh...I don't know what to say.

Camilla: Pay it no mind, dear. I'm sure these fears are utterly baseless.

Selena: ...

Camilla: But never forget. I am the only home you have.

Selena: Of course, Lady Camilla. I would never leave you without fair warning.

Camilla: And I can hold you to that, yes?

Selena: What a question! Do you think I'd lie to you about this? About anything?!

Camilla: Ohohoho...no, never.

Selena: If the day comes for me to leave, you will be the first to know. I can promise you that. So please, don't worry so much.

Camilla: If you say so, darling Selena...