Fates Supports/Beruka Midori(PC)

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C Support

Midori: Mother?

Beruka: Midori... What is it?

Midori: Remember how your knee was bothering you the other day? Well, I made a special ointment. It should help out with the pain. It took me a couple of days to track down the right herbs, but I did it!

Beruka: You did all that for me? Thank you, Midori.

Midori: Heehee. Why don't you take a seat and get comfortable. I will apply it for you, OK? Shoo, pain—stop bothering Mother!

Beruka: What a relief. The pain in my knee is already beginning to fade. Your medicines are always so effective.

Midori: Really? Yaaaay! Err, I mean, I'm glad that it helped.

Beruka: Did your father help create this ointment?

Midori: He sure did! I mentioned that you'd been in pain, and he gave me a few ideas. I still had to do a ton of research though.

Beruka: I see. It must have pleased him. Kaze loves to share his knowledge with you.

Midori: Heehee. I hope so! He's always pleased when I come to him with a new herb.

Beruka: Of course he is. You make us both proud. No one could ask for a better daughter.

Midori: Heeheehee! That means a lot. I love you, Mother!

Beruka: I love you too, Midori.

B Support

Midori: *sniffle*

Beruka: Is something the matter, Midori? Why are you crying?

Midori: Nothing... Nothing, I'm fine. *sniffle*

Beruka: What happened?

Midori: Well... I was in the forest collecting a few herbs, and some kids came up to me. They asked where my parents were and laughed when I said I was an adult. Then they said they were going deeper into the forest. I tried to stop them... But they turned to me and said, "Kids can't tell us what to do!" and ran off.

Beruka: Hmmm, that's unfortunate. Did the children get home safely?

Midori: Yes, they did. I watched them carefully to make sure they came back from the forest.

Beruka: I'm happy to hear that. It was thoughtful of you to watch for them.

Midori: I suppose...

Beruka: Stop crying, Midori. Doing the right thing isn't guaranteed to make other people happy. That doesn't mean you should stop trying to help people.

Midori: You're right. I'll be true to myself.

Beruka: Even if no one else understands your intentions... I will. Don't be afraid to do what you know is right.

Midori: *sniffle* Thanks, Mother.

A Support

Midori: Mother!

Beruka: Good morning, Midori. Why are you in such a good mood?

Midori: Something great happened. Remember those kids I met while I was collecting herbs the other day?

Beruka: The ones you warned?

Midori: Yeah. I ran into them in town earlier, and they were so nice. They even apologized for being rude to me.

Beruka: Oh... Really? So they understood that you were just trying to help?

Midori: They sure did. Well, that and I think their parents yelled at them for being so mean. But it still made me feel better.

Beruka: Hmm... Maybe those kids weren't so bad after all.

Midori: I think we're friends now. But, um... They invited me to go back into the deep forest with them... They said we'd be safe if I came along, but I'm not so sure. We probably shouldn't go without a grown-up, right?

Beruka: That would be for the best. The deep forest is filled with treachery... It would be safer to play elsewhere.

Midori: OK, we'll stay away from there. I promise. Anyway, I already suggested that the kids come with me to collect some rare herbs. I told them it'd be much more fun than wandering around some dank, dark forest.

Beruka: Good. Enjoy yourself...

Midori: Thanks, Mother!