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C Support

Charlotte: Why, if it isn't Beruka.

Beruka: ...

Charlotte: Hey now, it's rude to ignore people. You'll never become popular acting like that. Men don't like the cold, standoffish act. Women don't like it either, for that matter.

Beruka: It's not an act. I'm not concerned with being popular.

Charlotte: Putting up a tough front, huh? That's fine.

Beruka: I'm not acting strong. I am strong. And I don't particularly care about what other people think.

Charlotte: Really? You're setting yourself back in life, if that's true.

Beruka: I don't care if someone likes me or not, or if they're a man or a woman... Can I kill them? Can they kill me? That's all I judge anyone by.

Charlotte: You really are a dangerous one, aren't you. But listen, you can kill a man in ways other than a brutal stabbing...

Beruka: Obviously. I know many ways...

Charlotte: I bet you don't know some of the ways I know, though...

Beruka: I...would hear more about this...

B Support

Charlotte: OK, Beruka. Are you ready to learn how to kill a man without using a blade?

Beruka: Yes. Please go on...

Charlotte: You need to wear clothes with an open chest. Men will fall to that instantly.

Beruka: ...That's all?

Charlotte: Yes. That's more than enough to kill most men.

Beruka: ...I don't believe it.

Charlotte: Heehee. If you're so skeptical, why don't you give it a try yourself and see? I'm sure that once they get a look at you, they'll go weak in the knees.

Beruka: I've never heard of this assassination technique before... In any case, an open chest seems like it defeats the purpose of armor. I don't own any like that. In fact, my only set of armor is what I'm wearing now. It was given to me by Lady Camilla. She wore it before gifting it to me.

Charlotte: Wait, Lady Camilla used to wear that armor? Are you sure? It really doesn't seem her...style... Regardless, if the armor won't work, there are other options, too. You could always make someone an exceptional lunch or snack, for example.

Beruka: Ah...and add an undetectable poison...

Charlotte: What? No, not at all. The secret ingredient is a dash of sincerity and devotion. It'll drive them to notice you.

Beruka: I don't want to be noticed. Then I can't surprise them. None of this sounds deadly. Can it really kill a man?

Charlotte: Oh, most definitely. Trust me. I've used this to seize the hearts of countless men. Then it's just a matter of deciding what I want to do with them, heehee.

Beruka: Seize their hearts?! How violent... I would never have suspected a simple lunch could give me such power.

Charlotte: So? Have you learned something?

Beruka: Indeed. I will remember everything you've said.

A Support

Beruka: Charlotte...

Charlotte: Hello there, Beruka.

Beruka: Everything you told me before... None of that was true, was it?

Charlotte: What do you mean?

Beruka: An exposed chest alone cannot kill a man... Lunch will not let you grab on to someone's beating heart...

Charlotte: Hrm. I'm assuming you asked someone else what they thought of these methods?

Beruka: I spoke with Lady Camilla.

Charlotte: Oh really? How did she react?

Beruka: That was the loudest I have heard her laugh in some time.

Charlotte: Heehee. Poor Beruka. You took what I said so literally. You need to think bigger than that! My methods capture a man and drive him to do things to serve you. Without free will, the man may as well be dead, wouldn't you say?

Beruka: Lady Camilla said something like that...

Charlotte: You see? You can kill a man without spilling a drop of blood.

Beruka: Possibly. But that method does not work for me. Hidden in the shadows, striking with a blade at the vital areas of the body... This way is less complicated. And I've mastered it already.

Charlotte: I can't disagree there...

Beruka: I have changed my opinion of you, though. We may use different methods, but... I respect you as a fellow assassin.

Charlotte: Heehee. Well, keep my dangerous skills a secret, OK? It's more intriguing if I've got a secret or two, you know...