Fates Supports/Azura Mitama(PC)

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C Support

Azura: Mitama! Mitama!

(Azura leaves)

Mitama: Hmmm?

(Mitama leaves)

Azura: Mitama!! I know you're in there! I already committed us to attending the next war council. You need to come out. You can't stay hidden in your room forever.

(Azura leaves)

Mitama: Please apologize / Tell them I am feeling ill / I'll come tomorrow.

(Mitama leaves)

Azura: Mitama, I'm not falling for that excuse a second time! I don't want to force you to go, but you have to see how things are run in camp!

Mitama: Please, honored Mother / I do not want to learn this / I will not like it. Also, I am really tired and will fall asleep at the table.

Azura: You're only that tired because you stayed up late reading poetry books again. Only the gods know what caused you to fall in love with poetry...

Mitama: The answer is clear / A gift from Father did it / A brush and paper... As soon as I could write in flowing text, my love for poems blossomed.

Azura: But you could write so much more than poems with those tools. You could write letters and stories, or collect data, or study. No, I think that your fascination must have come from something else...

Mitama: Am I mistaken / Is there more than just haiku / Maybe more poems?

Azura: What in the world could have caused this intense interest...

Mitama: Perhaps we can learn / Explore this situation / Mother and daughter.

Azura: That's a wonderful idea. We could... Wait. Don't try to trick me! We still have to go to the council meeting! Go get ready. You have five minutes!

Mitama: My ruse discovered / I have no choice but to go / It was worth a shot.

B Support

Azura: Mitama, what are you doing? Look at all these poems scattered around...

Mitama: Ah, hello, Mother. Here lies my new goal / My very first poem hides / I must search this mess.

Azura: You're looking for your first poem? How come?

Mitama: I speak in verse now / It was not always the case / In the past, the cause.

Azura: Ah, I see. So reading your old poems may help you understand that...

Mitama: Many days have passed / The answer remains hidden / My eyes grow weary. If I find my first poem, I'll be able to figure out what was going on in my life then. Ah! An old, tattered scrap / This page could be what I sought / It's my first poem.

Azura: Would you read it to me, dear?

Mitama: Yet more days alone / Mother is late to visit / I feel my heart break.

Azura: Oh dear... This poem... I remember when I missed several chances to see you.

Mitama: You'd gotten very busy, and my caretakers told me you couldn't come to visit. I remember now; I started writing poems to entertain myself while you were gone. Left waiting for you / My world turned inward to verse / Structure to sorrow.

Azura: I can't express how sorry I am, Mitama. I didn't even realize how much pain I had caused you and now have made you relive.

Mitama: No need to feel bad / Your reasons were with merit / The world needed you. I didn't know it then, but you were busy fighting to keep me safe.

Azura: Y-you may be right, but I wish I had known then how it would affect you... We still don't know why it was poetry that you found comfort in. Do you think your caretakers would know?

Mitama: More clues to my past / Hidden in old memories / The search continues. Yes, I think I shall write to them and see if they can remember anything.

Azura: Excellent! Though... Perhaps I can help with the letter? Fewer poetic tangents might make it easier for them to understand.

A Support

Azura: What? This can't be right...

Mitama: Mother, did you receive an answer from my caretakers? Please let me hear it / Perhaps the source is revealed / The search now bears fruit.

Azura: Well, it's actually a bit awkward for me to say. From what your caretakers say, it was I who started you toward composing poems.

Mitama: This does not make sense / Poetry is not your love / Why would they claim such?

Azura: I was just as confused, but after I thought about it, I realized they may be right. After I would depart from visiting you, they say you would always imitate me. Following one visit, it was my singing that you took to, thinking it was a poem. After that, you would pester everyone until they told you more about poetry.

Mitama: Like objects in mist / These memories are hazy / But they could be real.

Azura: Your caretakers decided to give you books on classic poetry—specifically haikus. Dozens and dozens of books, it seems.

Mitama: These books a lifeline / They consumed every moment / A strong influence. But how could I mistake song for poetry?

Azura: The songs I sang to you were lullabies. They can sound quite similar, really...

Mitama: I...I remember that! Buried out of sight / A warm memory revealed / A smile is born.

Azura: I must have taught you the lyrics as a poem since you couldn't yet sing. And then, when you repeated it, your caretakers would think it was poetry. So they taught you all they could about poetry, and here we are.

Mitama: A simple mistake / Like ripples on a still lake / Echoes across life. It all makes much more sense now. Heeheehee, so it is your fault that I'm so in love with poetry and verse. Revealed as the source / Do you stop what you started / It isn't so bad.

Azura: Heehee, I guess you're right... I'm mostly glad that we solved the mystery!

Mitama: Poetry or song / Mother and daughter allied / A bond unbroken.

Azura: That's a beautiful one, Mitama.