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C Support

Midori: Mother?

Azura: Oh, hello, Midori. What have you got there?

Midori: Remember how you told me that your knee was bothering you? Well, I made this ointment for you to put on it. It should help a ton! It took me a few days to track down just the right herbs, but I did it!

Azura: You went through all that trouble for me? Thank you, Midori.

Midori: Of course! What kind of daughter would I be if I didn't help out my mother? Here, take a seat and I can apply it. Shoo, pain—don't bother Mother!

Azura: That's amazing. Your medicines continue to impress me. The pain was gone instantly!

Midori: Really?! Yaaaaay! Err, I mean, I'm glad to hear it helped.

Azura: Heehee. Was this another of your father's recipes? You've learned a lot from him.

Midori: It sure was! I mentioned to him that you'd been hurting, and he gave me several ideas. He said this one was a modified version of a weapon ninja sometimes use. Don't worry! It's harmless on the skin. Just...don't drink it. It's only for knees.

Azura: I'll be sure to follow the directions. I'm so glad you're enjoying your studies— I'm sure your father is, as well.

Midori: I hope so! He's always smiling when I come to him with a new herb I've found.

Azura: Your father and I are both so proud of you. I'm glad that, after all your years away, you've grown up and can join us here.

Midori: Me, too! I'm glad our family is together again!

B Support

Midori: *sniff*

Azura: Midori, what's the matter?

Midori: Nothing... Nothing's wrong. *sniff*

Azura: Now now—your eyes are all red. You can't hide that from your mother.

Midori: OK... I was out in the forest, collecting some herbs, and some kids came up to me. They asked where my parents were, and then laughed when I said I was an adult. Then they said they were going deeper into the forest. I told them they shouldn't... But they just yelled "kids can't tell us what to do!" and ran off.

Azura: So they hurt your feelings and ignored you. No wonder you were feeling bad. Did they make it home safely afterward?

Midori: Yes... I was watching them carefully until they all got home safely.

Azura: That was very nice of you, especially after what they did. It makes me happy to hear.

Midori: I suppose you're right...

Azura: Dry your tears, Midori. Sometimes people will refuse your help, even if you only mean the best for them. You shouldn't let this stop you, though. Will you keep helping people?

Midori: I will, Mother.

Azura: That's my girl. Even if the nice things you do aren't noticed by anyone, don't stop. Doing good makes you a good person, even if no one sees you do it. If nothing else, I'll always believe in you!

Midori: *sniff* Thank you...

A Support

Midori: Mother!

Azura: Oh, hello, Midori. You look to be in a good mood today.

Midori: I am! You remember those kids who I met in the forest the other day, right?

Azura: Of course. They were the ones who didn't listen to you when you warned them, right?

Midori: Yup, those ones! I ran into them earlier in town, and they went out of their way to apologize to me. They said they were very sorry for being rude.

Azura: Ah, so they finally understood that you were trying to help them.

Midori: That, and apparently their parents yelled at them for being so rude. But they said they really were sorry.

Azura: Well, they sound like they're actually nice kids, don't you think?

Midori: Yeah! We're friends now! But, um... They invited me to go back into the deep forest with them... They were saying that we'd be fine, now that I'm coming along. At first I thought they might be right, but... We still shouldn't right?

Azura: No, it is better that you don't. The deep forest is very dangerous, even for adults. It would mean a lot to me if you wouldn't go there.

Midori: Of course, Mother. I promise not to. Anyway, I suggested that the kids come with me to collect some rare herbs. I told them it'd be a lot more fun than wandering around some dark forest.

Azura: That's a great idea, Midori. Now you go and have fun with your friends!

Midori: OK!