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C Support

Avatar: *sigh*

Midori: What's wrong, Avatar? Are you sick?

Avatar: I think so... Lately I've been feeling very tired. I've been pushing myself so hard. Maybe the stress has finally caught up to me.

Midori: That's horrible! You need to take some medicine right away!

Avatar: Thank you, Midori, but I think I'll be all right if I just rest a little.

Midori: No! If you're sick, you have to treat it right away! The sooner, the better! Like I always say, you gotta nip it in the bud!

Avatar: If you say so...

Midori: Here, I've got some herbs to treat fatigue on me. I'll just whip something up for you!

Avatar: Oh? Thanks! That's very kind of you.

Midori: Now, lessee... I just need to mix this with this...and a pinch of that... Now, I just gotta grind this up into a powder and...presto! It's ready!

Avatar: Thank you. Should I take this with water?

Midori: Yep! Here you go!

Avatar: Cheers! *glug* *glug*

Midori: How do you feel?

Avatar: Huh? Doesn't most medicine take a while to kick in?

Midori: Yeah, but not this stuff! You should feel something right away!

Avatar: Really? Huh. I don't feel any different, though.

Midori: What? That's strange. Maybe I messed up the recipe... But never fear! Midori's still got a few more tricks up her sleeve! I'll mix up something else up and bring it over to you later. Sound good?

Avatar: Oh, no, that's OK. You needn't go to all that trouble just for me. I'll be fine, really.

Midori: It's no trouble at all! Just leave everything to me! Toodles!

(Midori leaves)

Avatar: Ah...OK.

B Support

Avatar: *gulp* *gulp* Minty!

Midori: So, how do you feel? Better?

Avatar: No. I still don't really feel like it's doing anything.

Midori: Booo! Avatar, are you sure you're just tired? You're not, like, mortally ill or anything, are you?

Avatar: Hey! Don't say stuff like that. You'll jinx me! I'm fine, really. I even had a doctor take a look at me. She said there's nothing seriously wrong with me. I just need to rest.

Midori: But if all that's wrong is that you're tired, then my medicine should have worked. I guess I'm just not trying hard enough.

Avatar: Aw. Don't worry about it, Midori. I'll be just fine.

Midori: We can't just wait for that to happen, though! You're our leader! We can't have you at anything less than 100%! You have to get better right away. Wait here! I'm going to mix up my most potent energy tonic yet!

Avatar: Thanks, Midori. I think for now I need to take a nap though. I'll see you later... *yawn*

Midori: OK! You just lay back, relax, and leave everything to me!

A Support

Avatar: Ahhh. That was the best nap I've had in a long time.

Midori: Avatar! I brought you some medicine!

Avatar: Oh, Midori!

Midori: We're gonna get you better once and for all! Here, see! I made a ton of different medicines for you. You can take all of them together, so start at the left and down them one by one.

Avatar: Wow...this is a lot. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Midori. But I think I just needed to catch up on some sleep. After that nice, long nap, I feel much better.

Midori: What?! Really?! But...but...

Avatar: I'm so sorry. It must have taken you so long to make all these.

Midori: Yeah. This stinks... Wait! What am I saying?! My job is to heal people and make them feel better! Only a terrible apothecary would get depressed over their patient recovering! I should be happy that you're feeling better!

Avatar: Aw, Midori. It's OK. I'm so grateful for what you did.

Midori: Huh? But nothing I did worked.

Avatar: Sure, but you checked up on me a lot, made all this stuff, and tried your hardest. It was extremely kind of you, and in a way, it really did help me feel better. I'm sure seeing your smiling face played a big part in my recovery!

Midori: Aw, really? Shucks! Thank you, Avatar. You're way too nice.

Avatar: Please, never stop doing what you're doing. We're all very lucky to have an apothecary as devoted as you looking out for us. So keep caring for us the best you can. That's an order, Midori!

Midori: Yes, sir!

S Support

Midori: Hiya, Avatar! What's on your mind?

Avatar: Oh, hello. I was just thinking about you, actually.

Midori: Oh? What about, exactly?

Avatar: Just thinking about how kind it was of you to have looked after me when I felt bad.

Midori: Aw, it was nothing! You can always count on the Midori-meister!

Avatar: And you show that kind of care to all our comrades as well?

Midori: Sure do!

Avatar: That's incredible! I don't know how you find the time.

Midori: Well, it's not like I've got a whole bunch of other things I like to do. And besides, taking care of people has got to be my top priority at all times! We're at war, aren't we? There are always more wounded to tend to.

Avatar: Yes, but...if you're always working to keep others healthy, who's looking out for you?

Midori: Huh?

Avatar: I mean that you need someone in your life who can make sure you don't overdo it. You're the type of person prone to giving too much of yourself to your work. You need a Midori of your own.

Midori: Huh. Yeah, I guess you've got a point. OK, Avatar! Will you be my Midori?

Avatar: M-me?

Midori: Yeah! 'Cause you're my best friend! If not you, then who else? And besides...I love you.

Avatar: Heh. Really? That makes me very happy to hear...because I love you too, Midori. I guess I've got no choice, then. All right. It's a deal. I'll be your Midori.

Midori: Yahoo! So...partners?

Avatar: Yes. Partners.

(Confession Scene)

Midori: True love is so sweet! Like the sweetest thing ever! Except maybe a box of chocolate!