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C Support

Sophie: Oh! Hiya, Asugi!

Asugi: Hey there, Fumbles. Impressive work, saving the baggage train like that.

Sophie: Thanks! Those bandits sure gave us a run for our money, huh?

Asugi: Mhm. Trying to round up the horses afterward was even worse, though. When they get scared like that, there's no stopping them. And one of them even threw off the saddlebag of suckers I'd stashed on it. No discipline in the army these days...

Sophie: Yeah, that was awful! I thought I was going to get trampled to death for sure!

Asugi: Haha. Trampled to death is a little dramatic, isn't it? With a mount like Avel, you should be used to dodging hooves by now. By jelly, I'd even say he's worse than 10 of those stampeding horses. Anyway, I'm glad things worked out. Plus it was good exercise.

Sophie: I-I guess so.

Asugi: Huh? Something wrong?

Sophie: Oh...it's just...you're always so breezy about things, no matter what. Whenever there's trouble, I always end up running around in a panic. Even now, I'm still pretty shaken up about the whole bandit-raid thing. I guess I'm just jealous. Haha!

Asugi: Heh. Gee, thanks, Fumbles. I appreciate it. But there's no need to be jealous. Like I said, YOU were the one who saved the baggage train. Anyways, I gotta go. Heard there was some sugarcane growing around here...

(Asugi leaves)

Sophie: Bye! What a guy... I hope I can be as unshakable as he is someday.

B Support

Sophie: Uwaaaaaaaaaah! Noooooooo! How could this happen?

Asugi: What was that?! Is my peach cobbler all right?! Wait. What on earth...? Did a bomb go off in this kitchen?

Sophie: No... I was just baking something...

Asugi: How could you have possibly "baked" a hole into the ceiling?

Sophie: I wish I could say... I just wanted to try a special new recipe, and next thing I knew... Boom! Ahaha...ha...ha.

Asugi: "Boom," huh? Heh. Oh well. Not much we can do about it now.

Sophie: B-but how are we going to clean all this up?! That hole especially is going to take forever to fix...

Asugi: Yeah, you're right. But I think we can handle it just fine. I'll be right back. I'm gonna go grab some tools.

Sophie: O-OK...

(fade to black)

Sophie: Phew. That took so much less time than I thought it would! Thanks, Asugi!

Asugi: Eh, it was nothing. I've spent a lot of time working in kitchens and repairing things.

Sophie: I had no idea! No wonder you were so calm when you saw that mess!

Asugi: Naw, I don't think it was that. I think it was you, actually.

Sophie: Huh? I kept you calm? How?

Asugi: Well...how can I put this? You know how sometimes little kids go crazy? Like, they run around, and bump into things, and scream, and cry and stuff? And you know that you've gotta be the calm one and take care of things? It was like that!

Sophie: Is that really how you see me?

Asugi: W-well, er, I mean...you're not a child, but...ah... I'm sorry. I didn't— I just meant...you do sort of panic a lot.

Sophie: Oh... Yeah. I guess you're right... I think I'm gonna go now. Thanks again, Asugi.

(Sophie leaves)

Asugi: Aw, Sophes... Criminy, Asugi. What's wrong with you?

A Support

Sophie: Hey, Asugi. I wanted to thank you for the other day.

Asugi: Oh, Fumbles. Hey. You mean for the kitchen?

Sophie: Nope! Something else.

Asugi: Oh? Then what?

Sophie: Well, in our last skirmish, I was caught alone next to some enemy forces.

Asugi: Wait, when was this? I don't think I was there.

Sophie: Yeah, I was alone...and I started to panic. I was so scared, I couldn't think straight. But then I remembered what you said about me being like a crazy little kid.

Asugi: Ah, look, I feel real awful about that—

Sophie: No, hang on. It was a good thing! Because there was no way I was going to let you be right about my being a baby! And I thought about how you always are in combat. Calm. Observant. Collected. And I knew what I had to do. I just had to assess the situation and deal with it. When I looked around again, I realized they were advancing in another direction. So I charged their flank, scattered them, and made off without a scratch!

Asugi: Nice work! But, ah, I didn't do a thing. No need to thank me.

Sophie: Sure, but the only reason I was able to do what I did was because of you! If you hadn't been such an insensitive jerk, I'd never have been mad enough to focus! So I wanted to thank you. For being you.

Asugi: Haha. Well, whatever works. I AM sorry about that, though.

Sophie: Water under the bridge! I'm just happy I got to know you.

Asugi: Same to you, Fumbles. You're a pretty swell lady. And I'm glad to call you my friend.

S Support

Asugi: *pant pant* Fumbles! Sophie! Are you OK?!

Sophie: Asugi!

Asugi: Th-they're...gone now. It's...all right.

Sophie: Yeah...I just... I didn't know what to do. They surrounded me... I could have died.

Asugi: Hey, it's OK. It's OK. They've been routed. It's done with. Remember the last time this happened? You knocked 'em over like it was nothing. Just charged the whole lot. I bet the same thing would have worked this time.

Sophie: But that's the problem! This time wasn't like last time! Last time wasn't as bad. But here...there were so many of them. If you all hadn't pushed through at the last second...I might not be here right now. And last time, I could focus because I was angry and wanted to prove you wrong. What do I do when I don't have that?

Asugi: Sophie... I don't know. That's not something anyone can figure out but you. But I'll tell you what. Until you do, we won't let you get cut off alone again. Because I'll be right by your side from now on. OK?

Sophie: Asugi...

Asugi: I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Sophes. And I know you've got the strength in you to handle anything. But until you find it...know you can rely on me. OK? I...I, um... Well, it's like this...

Sophie: Heehee. Sounds like somebody's in luuurve with me!

Asugi: Hey! I'm being serious here! And so what if I am?!

Sophie: Aw. I'm only teasing! Thank you, Asugi. It means a lot to me. And...maybe I feel something for you too.

Asugi: Just...maybe?

Sophie: Well...MAYBE I'm also sort of totally infatuated! But I guess you'd never know...unless you took me out!

Asugi: Heh. I reckon I could do that. I know of this bakery, next town over, actually. Best cake you'll ever taste!

Sophie: That sounds delightful! Oh, Asugi, I can't wait!

Asugi: Me neither, Sophes. Me neither.