Chapter 2: Woodlands Encounter (Story)

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(Marching in the woods)

Lianna: Our poor mother...

Darios: Stay strong. Queen Yelena entrusted your kingdom's future to the two of you.

Lianna: I know, I'm just not sure if we can do it.

Darios: I'll be at your side. Try not to worry

(Rowan trails off and falls down a hill)

First we must find the temple...

(Rowan is found by Chrom and Lissa on the ground)

Lissa: C'mon, Chrom... I mean, we've gotta do something...

Chrom: What do you propose?

Lissa: Huh? How should I know?!

(Rowan fully wakes up)

Chrom: I see you're awake. That was a nasty fall you took. Can you stand?

(Chrom offers his hand and helps Rowan to his feet)

Rowan: Thanks a lot... But who are you guys?

Chrom The Shepherds. A militia from the Halidom of Ylisse.

Rowan: The Halidom of what? Never heard of it.

Lissa: Huh?! But how is that even possible?!

(Frederick interrupts the conversation)

Frederick: Milord! My lady! Please be on your guard! He was not alone!

(Lianna comes down from the hill)

Lianna: Whoooa! Too fast, too fast... You! Don't just run off like that! Do you have any idea...? Rowan... Do you know these people or something?

Rowan: Uh-uh. Just met 'em now.

Frederick: I don't recognize your clothes. From where do the two of you hail?

Lianna: He doesn't know us, then. I welcome you to the Kingdom of Aytolis, of which we are the princess and prince.

Start of Chapter

Chrom: ... I see. I understand your situation.

Darios: You're clearly capable fighters. Will you lend us your strength?

Lianna: Please!

Lissa: Oh, Chrom, we have to help them!

Chrom: You're right. We can;t just walk away from people in need.

Frederick: Just a moment, milord. It's dangerous to trust mysterious strangers outright... If we are to join them, please allow me to provide a test first.

Lissa: You mean like... "Grr, I'm Frederick, and you'll have to defeat me to earn my help!"

Frederick: Exactly.

Lissa: Wait, really?!

Frederick: Not a fight to the death, but I'll learn all I need by facing them on the battlefield.

Chrom: You may need convincing, Frederick, but I will fight alongside these strangers.

Lissa: Me too!

Chrom And we'll follow any orders they give. It'll be up to them to command us.

Darios: It looks like we don;t have a choice. Prepare for battle, you two!

Battle (First Half)