Bantu (Cipher)

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Bantu - Series 2

Bantu: Guardian of the Dragon Scion
Class Manakete (Fixed) Cost 2
Symbol Blade of Light None Affinities Male Dragonstone Dragon None None
Attack 30 Support 20 Range 1
Quote "You there. Have you come across a young girl, one by the name of Tiki?"
Skill 1 Servant of the Divine Dragon CONT If you have an allied "Tiki", this unit gains +30 attack.
Skill 2 Missing Firestone AUTO Once Per Turn When this unit's combat ends, until the end of the turn, this unit loses -30 attack, Dragonstone, and Dragon.
Card Code P02-003PR Illustrator Mikihiro Taguchi / Cloud Gate Co. Ltd.
Comment The promo is one of six cards included in ‘Promotional Card Pack Vol.2’ given out for participating in local shop battles and events.